Winter - Kumquat

How to select for best flavor:

Select bright-orange, well-shaped, firm fruit. Avoid kumquats with blemishes or greenish kumquats. If you want them for decoration, choose kumquats with the leaves attached. They are very decorative.


Peak of the season:

Kumquats are available from November through June. Until December, most kumquats come from Florida. After that, the California crop takes over.


Nutritional value:

Kumquats are a pleasure food, beautiful to look at and a refreshing snack. They do contain quite a lot of vitamin C and are low in calories.


General information:

Most people don’t know how to eat kumquats, and they are often used only for decoration. This is a real mistake, as they have a wonderful flavor and they are very popular with children. To eat them, first wash them thoroughly. Next, squeeze them between your thumb and forefinger until small beads of oil appear on the skin. This squeezing blends the sweet perfumed flavor of the skin with the bitter, citrus flavor of the pulp. When the kumquat is soft, pop it into your mouth and eat it whole.