Winter - Tanerine

How to select for best flavor:

Choose deeply-colored, bright fruit that is free from blemishes. A greenish cast or green spot near the stem is okay. Skins should be loose, but not squashy. They should feel heavy for their size. This indicates juiciness.


Peak of the season:

December is the best time to buy tangerines, just in time for Christmas, but you can usually find them year round.


Nutritional value:

Tangerines are a good source of vitamin C and small amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Tangerines are a pleasure food more than a nutrition food. One tangerine has about 35 calories, no fat, and 1 mg. of sodium.


General information:

Tangerines are mandarin oranges. They are more perishable than tight-skinned oranges, so they should be kept in the refrigerator.


There are several varieties of tangerine. The Satsuma comes from Japan. It has very sweet pulp and is nearly always seedless. It is a very popular early-season variety. The Clementine comes from North America and is a cross between the tangerine and the Seville bitter orange. They have an excellent flavor and are usually seedless. The Dancy is probably the most common. It is a cross between a mandarin and a sweet orange. It has an excellent flavor.