Spring - Basil

How to select for best flavor:

Choose fresh-looking, bright-green bunches of basil. They should have a sweet, distinctive basil scent. Avoid any bunches that look wilted or that are turning yellow.


Peak of the season:

Basil is in season from early spring through the end of August. During the summer months, there is usually quite a lot around and the price comes down slightly.


Nutritional information:

From its bright-green color, you can tell that basil contains plenty of vitamin A. Its main value is its flavor, and you probably won’t eat enough of it to affect your diet significantly.


General information:

Basil is an important ingredient of both Italian and Greek cuisine. Dried basil is often used for seasoning, but fresh basil is a real treat. Bunches of basil are usually fairly high-priced at the market, but it is very easy to grow your own. The plants won’t get very high, and if you keep them in a sunny kitchen window, you will always have fresh basil when you want it.


Fresh basil is very delicate and you should always add it at the very end of cooking. If you cook it too much, you will lose most of its flavor and aroma.