Winter - Cardoon


How to select for best flavor:

Bunches should be firm and young-looking with dark-green leaves at the top end. Avoid big spread-out bunches that show signs of age.


Peak of the season:

Cardoon is generally available from late fall through winter.


Nutritional value:

Cardoon contains fair amounts of most of the major vitamins and minerals. Its main value is as a fresh, green vegetable in winter.


General information:

Cardoon, or cardoni, is a favorite among Italians and people of Italian heritage. Steamed and chilled, it is often an ingredient on Italian salads. Hot, it makes an interesting antipasto.


Cardoon grows very large, ornamental plants. It is said that when the Italian settlers brought cardoni to Argentina, it escaped from the garden and now grows as an irritated weed on the Pampas.