Fall - Rutabaga

How to select for best flavor:

Rutabaga should be firm and heavy for their size. Avoid roots that are cut, punctured or shriveled. The roots will be a yellow-tan color. Usually the tops have been removed because they decay much more quickly than the roots.


Peak of the season:

Rutabagas store well, so they are available all year. The peak season is in the fall, just in time for Thanksgiving. Most of the crop comes from Washington and Oregon.


Nutritional value:

Rutabaga contain all the nutrients of turnips, only more. They are a fine source of vitamin C and potassium. Half a cup of cooked rutabaga will contain about 35 calories.


General information:

Rutabaga are a fairly new vegetable. They are a across between turnip and cabbage. Rutabaga is used the same way as turnip, but it has a richer flavor and much more nutritional value.