Summer - Watercress

How to select for best flavor:

Cress is very perishable. It is best stored with its cut ends in water. Choose bunches that are clean, fresh-looking and bright green. Avoid bunches with yellowed or wilted leaves.


Peak of the season:

Cress is available all year with a peak season from May through July. Usually local watercress is available. Watercress can be found growing wild in shallow streams all over the United States. Make sure that the water it is growing in is unpolluted if you plan to eat wild cress.


Nutritional value:

Watercress is another food that is mainly eaten for the pleasure of it. It does contain very high amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and calcium. It is low in calories and fat.


General information:

A Greek proverb promises that eating watercress will improve your wits. Ancient Romans ate it with vinegar to help cure mental problems. It has also been eaten as a cure for scurvy and falling hair. The ancient Persians believed that it was an excellent food for children. It certainly does taste good.