Lime - Year Round

How to select for best flavor:

Choose firm, smooth limes that are heavy for their size. Avoid yellow limes. The juice won’t have the right acidity. Also avoid shriveled, dry or blackened limes. These will be old and dehydrated.


Peak of the season:

Limes are available all year, either from California or Florida. In March and April, many limes are imported because the domestic crops are at their weak point. The price may rise and the quality drop.


Nutritional value:

Limes are very high in vitamin C and potassium. As long as you don’t sweeten the juice, it has nearly no calories or fat. Lime juice has nearly twice the acidity of lemon juice and a richer flavor as well.


General information:

Limes are one of the best sources of vitamin C and have been used for centuries as a cure for scurvy. That’s how British sailors got the nickname “limey.”


Key limes are a special variety that grow in Florida. They are small, round and very sour. They are the only kind of lime to use in making Key Lime Pie.