Chive - Year Round

How to select for best flavor:

Choose chives that are bright-green and fresh-looking. They should have a sharp oniony smell.


Peak of the season:

Chives are available all year round. If you grow them in a small pot in your kitchen window, you will always have fresh chives when you want them.


Nutritional value:

Chives are a digestive stimulant, causing saliva and gastric juices to flow and aiding digestion. They are also high in vitamin C, sulfur and iron. They are usually eaten in such small quantities that they have virtually no calories, fat or sodium.


General information:

Chives are a member of the onion family that are grown for their green, grass-like stalks rather than their bulbs. They are very easy to grow at home. When you want fresh chives, just snip off what you need with a pair of scissors. You can also let them flower. They develop delicate purple flowers that are used as garnish in Japan.