Ginger Root - Year Round

How to select for best flavor:

Select clean-looking, shiny, light-brown roots. Avoid roots that have soft spots or that show spots of blue-green mold.


Peak of the season:

Most ginger root that is available is imported from Hawaii or Jamaica. It is available all year at a pretty stable price.


Nutritional value:

Ginger contains vitamin C and is considered a good folk remedy for colds and coughs. Ginger tea is especially good for colds. It is eaten in small amounts, and its main value is adding flavor to other nutritious foods.


General information:

Dry ground ginger is no match for fresh ginger. If you are doing any kind of Asian or Indian cooking, fresh ginger is a must. For cooking, peel off the shiny, light-brown skin and use the light-green fibrous pulp. Some people prefer to peel a whole root and freeze it, wrapped in foil. This way it is very easy to grate what you need for cooking.