Chard, Collard, Dandelion, Kale Mustard - Year Round

Chard Shown



How to select for best flavor:

Choose fresh-looking, crisp, deeply-colored greens. Avoid wilted, damaged or yellowing greens.


Peak of the season:

Spring is the best time to buy greens because you will have the greatest variety and the best price. Most greens are available year round in the market or they can be gathered wild.


Nutritional value:

All greens are a great source of vitamins A and C. Most contain fair amounts of iron and other minerals as well. Kale and dandelion are kidney stimulants and may be helpful in avoiding kidney stones. Mustard has been used for centuries as an analgesic, especially for rheumatic pains. They are all low in calories, fat and sodium.


General information:

Many Americans may look down on greens as some people consider them “poor people’s” food. This may be true, but many poor people really know how to eat. Mixing greens, either raw or cooked with a dish can giveĀ  it a very complex and wonderful flavor. Cooked greens are especially good with a little vinegar.