Onion - Year Round

How to select for best flavor:

Good onions the be firm and dry. Their papery skin should crackle when pressed gently and should be bright and smooth. Check the stem end for dampness, softness or woody centers. Needless to say, avoid sprouting onions. They are old.


Peak of the season:

Onions are dried after harvest and store well. They are available at a fairly steady price all year.


Nutritional value:

Onions contain vitamin C. They are also an antiseptic and a digestive stimulant. They contain a lot of sulfur and are hard for some people to digest. Claims have been made for onions curing everything from baldness to insomnia. One cup of chopped raw onion contains about 55 calories, traces of fat and about 3 mgs. of sodium.


General information:

Generally speaking, the rounder the onion, the sharper the flavor. Although this doesn’t hold true for Walla Walla Sweets. If you have trouble with your eyes while cutting them, try peeling and washing them thoroughly first. It helps a lot.


Some of the varieties you will find are:


Globe — either white, yellow or red. These usually have a sharp flavor.


Walla Walla Sweet — these are usually only available during the summer. They are large yellow onions with a delicious sweet flavor either raw or cooked.


Italian Red — these are flat, purplish-red onions that are excellent raw.


Red Torpedo — long and red, also very good raw.


Pearl Onions — these are immature globe onions with a delicate flavor.