Romaine Lettuce - Year Round

How to select for best flavor:

Buy heads that are full and closely packed with crisp, dark-green outer leaves. Avoid lettuce with rusty spots, damaged leaves or slime. Check the butt end. It should be white or light green, possibly with some brown, but not black. You should also be able to tell if it has been trimmed closely or butted. If it has, it may have been sitting around too long. Always smell lettuce before buying. It should smell sweet, not bitter. This is a good indication of how it will taste.


Peak of the season:

Romaine is available all year round. During the winter months, it comes mostly from California and Mexico. As the weather warms up, the crops move north. During the summer months, there will probably be more available and the price may be lower.


Nutritional value:

Romaine is a very good source of potassium, calcium and vitamin A. It also contains some protein. Romaine is a very good source of dietary fiber, and its water content makes it a good balance for foods heavy in protein and carbohydrate.


General information:

Romaine is a fairly tough lettuce. It will last for up to a week in the refrigerator. Wash it first, but make sure it is thoroughly dry before storing.