Sprouts - Year Round

Alfalfa Sprouts Shown

How to select for best flavor:

Sprouts should be crisp and white, with the beans attached. Avoid slimy or brownish sprouts or sprouts that look dried out.


Peak of the season:

Sprouts are available year round at fairly steady prices.


Nutritional value:

Sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin C and protein. They are very low in calories, contain no fat and almost no sodium.


General information:

Some of the varieties you will find are:


Bean Sprouts — these are usually sprouted mung beans. They are white with amber-colored beans. They are the highest in protein and are delicious and crisp.


Alfalfa Sprouts — these are thin, white sprouts with green tips. They are crunchy and fresh tasting.


Mustard, Radish or Cress Sprouts — these look almost exactly like alfalfa sprouts, but they have a spicy, hot flavor.


Sprouts should be refrigerated, unwashed. They will keep up to three days.